Ignition repair and replacement

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When you’re in need of ignition repair, the last thing you want to have to do is have your car towed to the nearest mechanic or dealership. Not only will that process take a huge chunk out of your day, but it can also rack up a huge bill fast! 

That’s where your local auto locksmith can come to the rescue. Our team here at Lan Locksmith will come to wherever you are in Louisville KY and surrounding areas to fix your ignition problems on site! Here are a few things you should know about auto locksmith ignition repair and replacement.

Key extraction

Maybe in your rush to get out of the driveway in the morning, you cranked the key too hard in the ignition. You heard that dreaded snap and knew that you had broken the key in the cylinder. 

Instead of trying to remove it yourself, your first step should always be to call an auto locksmith. After all, you’re going to need a professional to cut a new key anyway, and prying the broken key out yourself could damage the ignition cylinder.

When you call us for key extraction, we’ll arrive on scene with a toolkit of supplies for gently removing the key from the cylinder. From there, we can cut a copy of your key and reprogram it if it uses a transponder chip or more advanced technology.

Ignition cylinder repair and replacement

Sometimes, a key broken in the cylinder is a sign that there’s an issue with the cylinder itself. If you’re constantly finding it difficult to turn the key in the ignition, the problem could be worn down or damaged pins, or other small pieces that don’t move smoothly when the key is inserted into the cylinder. These components may need to be replaced in order for the cylinder to turn easily. 

In some cases, it may make more sense to replace the cylinder entirely.

Ignition switch repair

Your ignition switch is not the same thing as the ignition cylinder. Unlike the more hardware-based cylinder, the ignition switch and spark plugs function as the electrical components of your car’s ignition. As such, when they malfunction, it interrupts the power circuit needed to fire up the engine. You may experience this a few different ways:

  • Complete unresponsiveness from your engine. If you’re able to turn the key but it doesn’t yield any response from the engine, the ignition switch or ignition coil could be to blame.
  • Immediate start and stall. This is a pretty good sign that your ignition switch has an interrupted current or a problem with the anti-theft programming.
  • Unexpected stalling. Sometimes you may be able to start your engine even with an ignition switch that is going bad. But, you may suddenly lose power or experience power surges.
  • Problems with your dashboard or other electrical features. You may notice that when you start your car, only some of the lights on the dashboard light up.  

When the ignition switch stops working, what your auto locksmith can do is remove the device and take a look at what’s going on. It may be that some wires need to be repaired. Or, the entire switch, spark plugs, or ignition coil may need to be replaced.

What causes ignition problems in cars?

Here are a few of the most common reasons why your car’s ignition might be giving you problems:

  • Normal wear and tear. By and large, the biggest reason for ignition problems is simply ignition usage. Nothing lasts forever, and there are many components in an ignition system that can wear down over time. There are some things you can do to avoid this, such as preventing the extra strain of a very heavy keychain. But in general, you can expect to experience ignition problems at some point in your car’s life.
  •  Attempted car theft. Despite how easy it may look in the movies, car robbery is rarely a smooth operation. Often, a car thief will try to start the car without the key, damage the ignition cylinder, and then abandon ship. When you get back to your car, you might find that it won’t start. In this case, an auto locksmith can remove the damaged components and replace them. 

Ignition problems with keyless fobs

If you’re having issues with your keyless car starting car, obviously, the conversation about ignition repair is quite different. After all, a keyless car doesn’t have an ignition cylinder. So, is it possible for an auto locksmith to help?

In many cases, the answer is yes! Often, the culprit behind ignition problems with modern cars is the fob itself. And we at Lan Locksmith are well-versed in fixing, replacing and reprogramming new car fobs. Just give us a call to let us know the issues you’re experiencing, and we’ll suggest some next steps to get your car up and running in no time.

Estimating how much your locksmith service will cost

How much ignition repair or replacement will cost depends on a variety of factors, including your car make and model, the specific problem you’re experiencing, and whether you need replacement keys or fobs.

In general, for very simple repairs, you can expect to spend somewhere around $100 to $200. But, for more involved repairs or new key programming, you could be looking at a bill of at least $300 to $500. For a more specific estimate, it’s always best to call your auto locksmith for a quote.

Emergency car problems

We understand that ignition problems never come at the most convenient times. You may experience a faulty ignition switch right as you’re about to leave for the airport. Or, maybe you’ve snapped the key in the ignition while on your lunch break and you need to get back for your big meeting. No matter the urgency, you can count on Lan Locksmith to show up on the scene fast. We’ll come to wherever you are in Louisville, Jeffersonville, Highview, Fern Creek or elsewhere. When you need ignition repair or replacement, we’re your auto locksmith team!